Hello, World!

I am an undergraduate student at University of California, Berkeley, studying computer science. My research interest is mainly in efficently applying deep reinforcement learning for safe robotics control in the real world.

I am fortunate enough to be affiliated with Berkeley Artificial Intelligence Research (BAIR) lab as an undergraduate researcher, working with Phd Laura Smith and advised by prof. Sergey Levine.

I am also a member of Robot Open Autonomous Racing(ROAR) team, advised by prof. Allen Yang where I am working on developing safe, interpretable, and robust RL algorithms and frameworks for autonomous racing.

My hobbies are playing piano, hiphop dancing, playing tennis, and playing League of Legends :)

In my spare time, I also lead the development of open-source softwares and production of educational videos with my group of friends @ InteractivePlus.

Yunhao Cao

  • (2024) B.A. Computer Science, UC Berkeley


29 January, 2024

APRL is accepted for publication in the 2024 ICRA conference proceedings! 😎🎢

1 November, 2023

I'm actively looking for grad school (preferably PhD) / employment opportunities starting 2024 Fall/Summer, please feel free to contact me.

29 October, 2023

APRL, the project I've been working for over a year, has been released to arxiv

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